How to Change Siri Voice settings in iPhone


Bethany Walsh

Mar 03, 2022

Siri is among the top virtual assistants in the world. It is present in iPhones and other devices manufactured by Apple Inc. The virtual assistant allows you to control devices with your voice. You can also use Siri to turn your home into a smart home. It is an invention of the future that makes everything easy for you. iPhones also have this virtual assistant installed in them. Siri interacts with the user, and if you do not understand English, it can be a problem. This article will show you how to change Siri voice?


Siri was first released back in 2011, and it is a revolutionary product launched by Apple Inc. It is a voice-operated virtual assistant that allows the user to take over appliances with a single command. Siri is a voice-activated virtual assistant that is operated through voice. One cannot imagine their iPhones without Siri's assistant. The voice assistant is present in all of the devices made by Apple. The Home Pod is an amazing device that turns your home into a smart home. You can control many smart appliances using your voice through Siri.

Siri is an amazing invention that helps ease the use of several devices. You can easily interact with Siri, and it almost feels like you are talking to a person. So, if you don't have a girlfriend, just say Hey Siri, and she will be there for you. You can ask a question and make her search for you on the internet with voice commands. It also allows you to set alarms and make schedules just using your voice. The AI used in Siri is very advanced, and with time, the service is getting better. You can make everything around you smart using the smart virtual assistant.

Is Siri Available in All Languages?

Siri is not available in all languages because there are almost 6500 languages globally. There will be a lot of languages, and it will require a huge amount of resources. The Siri was initially launched only in English, but it has been translated into several languages with time. You can interact with the app in several languages now. The company provides the service only in the most widely spoken languages of the world.

Using Siri is not a problem anymore for people that do not understand English because it is available in almost all major languages. It speaks and understands those languages. You can change the language of Siri from the Siri voice setting. It also allows users to change the voice of the assistant. Read further to learn how to change Siri’s voice settings.

How to Change Siri Settings on iPhone?

Changing the setting of Siri is very easy. You can easily change the voice of the Siri assistant on your device. It's a simple step and allows you to listen to your favorite voice. You can also change the language of the assistant. Following are some simple steps that allow you to change settings easily.

  • Open your iPhone and open the settings.
  • Search for Siri in the search bar of setting.
  • Click on Siri as it appears in the setting.
  • You will have several options; you can change language and voice from the option.
  • Select the language and then click on the voice options.
  • It will provide you with some options, click on them and listen to the voice.
  • Please select the one that you feel comfortable with and make it the voice of Siri on your device.

Does Siri Spy on You?

This is a concern most people have about this voice-activated assistant. Well, it's debatable; the company has often claimed that it cannot hear users when it is disabled. Studies have also found that Siri doesn't listen to your conversations when it's not active. So, this means that it doesn't spy on the user, but can it? It is also a debatable question, and only the company and its employees have the answer.


So, this article about Siri gives you all insight into a virtual assistant. The article also teaches you methods on how to change Siri voice. By following the given method, you can easily change the voice of Siri. You also learn about the available languages in Siri. Please read the whole article to learn about this amazing invention and its features.


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