Ways to Clean Your Keyboard


Martin Wilson

Aug 10, 2022

These pointers will assist you in getting rid of the filth that has accumulated on your keyboard. They range from giving the chassis a quick shake to taking off all of the keycaps and the outer shell and washing crucial components. When we bring our laptops into the living room (or the bedroom), we leave our desktop computers to collect dust while we use them.

Dirt and food crumbs may contribute to a filthy keyboard, which is not only unsanitary but also can interfere with the performance of your peripheral devices. Keeping the dust from Doritos off your keyboard and other typing implements is important. It is time to wash more than your hands as the spring season and the WFH's second anniversary draw near.

Turn It Upside Down

The first step, which is also the simplest and most apparent, is to invert the keyboard so that the top is facing down, tap the bottom, and shake off as much gunk as possible. After disabling the wireless feature of the keyboard or unplugging it from the computer, take it up and turn it over so that the keys are facing a surface that you don't mind getting filthy for a short while. Tap the base (not too forcefully) while holding it at various angles. I expect you to extract most of the loose items using this method. Depending on your favorite foods, you should prepare for a shower of crumbs, poppy seeds, and other similar debris.

Brush Out the Muck

Other forms of crud that you will find among your tainted QWERTY layout. Dirty keyboards are such a problem that they have inspired the creation of these brushes. Nylon cleaning brushes may take the form of a tiny handheld duster, an ink pen, or even the brush attached to an ice scraper for a vehicle window. These brushes are sold individually or as part of cleaning packages.

Brush Keyboard

Assuming that the muck doesn't adhere to the keys' sides, which is often the case, this is a viable option. If that's the case, you may need a brush with more body. (Toothbrushes are quite effective at removing that caked-on material.)

Blow Out Your Keyboard

Buying a can of compressed air should be one of your first purchases if you use a personal computer (Opens in a new window). You may use it to clean your keyboard or your clogged-up case fans. It is particularly useful for clearing away the dust that accumulates on keyboards and requires little to no effort on your side. When you are ready to shoot, you must place the plastic hose that looks like a straw into the can's nose hole. Then you are good to go.

After you have finished air blasting, doing another session of tapping and shaking out is beneficial. At this point, you have most likely loosened debris and moved it further into the body of the keyboard, where it may now be found in various locations. These components may separate more readily now than they did previously.

Take Out the Cleaning Gel

Do you have what it takes to play Steve McQueen in The Blob? One readily available brand is Cyberclean.

Keycap Wash

You are lucky to have a mechanical keyboard with replaceable keytops since the keys on this keyboard are simple to disinfect. Please take a photo of the keyboard before you remove any of the keycaps so that you will be able to put them back exactly where they were after you are through making repairs.

The easiest way to clean your keycaps is to soak them in some soapy water in a container. It is as simple as filling a container with water, squirting in some hand or dish soap, and then washing your keycaps with a little brush or cloth after letting them soak for some time in the solution. After that, you should leave them out in the open air to dry entirely so that you don't accidentally cause a short in the electrical components of your keyboard with damp caps. If you really want to go above and beyond, you may dismantle certain keyboards down to the bare frame to extract every last crumb out of them. The only thing you'll need may be a little screwdriver.

Clean Headphones

Now that the keyboard is out of the way, it is time to move on to your other electronic devices, some of which may have been soiled due to their continued usage. We can assist you with cleaning anything properly, including your smartphone, tablet, headphones, laptop, desktop computer, television, smart speaker, gaming controller, wristwatch, and fitness tracker.


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