Using synced lyrics in Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV


Martin Wilson

Aug 08, 2022

To view synchronized lyrics on your iPhone or iPad, you only need iOS 13 or iPadOS 13. The now playing restaurant at the bottom of the screen on Apple Music can be used to discover more about your current music.

Afterwards, you must click on the lyrics button at the bottom left of the screen. If you're a fan of Apple Music and have an Apple TV, throwing a karaoke party is a cinch. The time-synced lyrics function on Apple devices makes it possible to sing along to your favourite songs while you listen to them. In this essay, you'll learn how.

Synced lyrics are playing on tvos music now. The tvOS 14 upgrades for the Apple TV 4K and HD will be delivered in September 2020 by Apple. Listen to songs on Apple Music with exactly timed lyrics by following these steps if you own either model.

Open the Apple TV's Music app. The Apple Music collection has a song that you can listen to. On your Apple TV remote, press the Menu/Back button. In the upper-right area of the screen, click on the speech bubble symbol to bring up the Lyrics menu.

Lyrics by tvos14 If you pick the Lyrics option and no time-synced lyrics appear, then that music does not have time-synced lyrics. Try again with a different song.

In the ios13 lyrics of the iPhone id

Make sure you're in the Now Playing screen and tap on the Lyrics button to activate the feature. That concludes our discussion.

The lyrics will be shown in a huge font and highlighted as the song progresses in rhythm with the music. You can jump to any place in the song by swiping up and down on the lyrics.

Comparison of "ios13" with other songs with and without synchronized lyrics are seen in the images below, from left to right (right).

Some songs' words may not always match up with the beat of the music. In this case, music playback will not be affected by scrolling the lyrics since you will see the old-style lyrics page with a much smaller font.

The Apple TV set-top box

tvOS 13 or later is required for Apple TV to sync lyrics. When you start playing a song on Apple Music, the lyrics synced with the album should appear next to the artwork. This isn't always the case, of course.

The song lyrics to IDG by tvos13

The default on Apple TV should be synchronized lyrics. Whenever you scroll through the words, the song's playback will automatically progress to where you are in the lyrics at that time.

Music By ButtonIDG tvos13

This can be resolved by selecting "Lyrics" from the Menu drop-down menu. If you can only see the album cover, ensure the lyrics are enabled. Press the Menu button on your Apple TV remote to open the song list. You'll find the Lyrics button in the page's upper right corner. The lyrics will appear if you click on it and then return to the Now Playing box.

What do you think of Mac users?

Some features are only available on the iOS version of Apple Music, even though iTunes' music component has been replaced by a new Apple Music app in macOS Catalina. Synchronized lyrics can't be played back either.

A list of all the lyrics will be shown when a song is playing, and the Words button is clicked in the upper-right corner, not the fresh, larger lyrics shown in time with the playback.

Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac display song lyrics

Apple Music is still the greatest way to listen to music on Apple devices, even if there are alternatives. The ability to listen to song lyrics while driving is also one of the more appealing aspects of the system.

Apple Music is an excellent example of a platform-specific app compared to Spotify. There is much to enjoy for those who rarely utilize music lyrics yet appreciate them when they can't decipher a new favourite song.

Perhaps Apple will fail terribly at making features discoverable again, as it has done so many previous times. Here is a perfect time to remind you that Apple Music includes lyrics and illustrates how they may be found. On a Mac, Apple TV or iOS device, the listening experience differs from that on an Android or Windows computer.


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