Ways to Turn Off News and Interests in Windows 10's Taskbar


Martin Wilson

Aug 03, 2022

The widget presents the current weather conditions, provides up-to-date information on the market, and makes article recommendations with the assistance of Microsoft News. Nevertheless, some readers dislike the widget and are interested in learning how to delete the news app from the taskbar in Windows 10. The icon for the widget always shows the current weather conditions in the default setting.

There are three distinct methods available in Windows 10 for removing the News and Interests tile from the taskbar. The Windows 10 21H1 update included a brand new feature that was referred to as News and Interests. The news and interests section summarizes the most important stories and weather information that is relevant to you.

News and Interests

Microsoft claims that you will get instant access to an integrated stream of dynamic material, including news and weather forecasts that will be kept up to date throughout the day. A local weather prediction for the day may also be seen on the taskbar, along with any news or hobbies that have just been added. When you hover over the News and Interests symbol, a window will pop up that displays a significant amount of information in a single look. Thanks to the News and Interests section of the taskbar, you can accomplish the following things.

  • You can see the most recent news stories and updates on the weather, sports, and other topics. You get access to news, entertaining information, and even live weather maps from more than 4,500 worldwide companies.
  • Customize your feed by removing posts that you don't find interesting or have nothing to do with you and replacing them with ones that you find more relevant to your interests.
  • Dashboard for Monitoring Privacy Rapid access to the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard is provided and may be accessed via news and interests.
  • Click the Manage Interests button to tailor your feed. You may make your selections for what you want to see in the feed directly from the Discover Interests panel. There is a diverse selection of subjects within each area.

There are three options available for you to choose from to deactivate or delete the News and Interests section from the Windows 10 taskbar if you prefer not to have it there. Removing News and Interests from the Registry may be accomplished by following these procedures.

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Remove News and Interests Via Registry

After you've finished making the above adjustments, you'll need to log out and back in. It would help if you realized by this point that the News and Interest section no longer appears on the taskbar.

You Have the Option of Specifying One of Three Values For This.

  • 0: Displays both the symbol and the text
  • 1 - Only display the icon
  • 2: Cover Your Tracking of News and Interests

Disable News and Interests via Group Policy

It is possible to turn off News and Interest in Windows 10 by using Group Policy.

  • Launch the Local Group Policy Editor by typing the credit. MSC command into the Run prompt.
  • Navigate to the Computer Configuration >'' Administrative Templates >'' Windows Components >'' News and interests menu option.
  • Double-click the policy located in the right pane to enable news and interests to appear on the taskbar.
  • To turn off News and Interests, choose the Disabled option.
  • After following the instructions outlined above, you will have successfully disabled News and Interests in Windows 10. After saving your changes and exiting Local Group Policy Editor, you will need to restart your computer for them to take effect.

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Remove News from The Taskbar

On the other hand, there is an option in the same menu labeled "turn off" for those who want to stop the news on the taskbar entirely. The news and interests widget will be turned off when you check the menu. Follow the methods listed below to remove the news from the taskbar in Windows 10.

  • Click anywhere on the Windows 10 taskbar using the right mouse button.
  • Navigate to the menu item labeled "News and Interests."
  • Choose "Turn Off" from the list of available choices.
  • If necessary, you should refresh the desktop.

The Weather and News widget has been updated as part of the 21H1 release of Windows 10. When activated, the widget appears on the Windows 10 taskbar as a square box positioned directly next to the arrow that says "display hidden icons." The icon for the widget always shows the current weather conditions in the default setting.


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