Ways to Change Your Display Name in Gmail, Outlook And Other Webmail Services


Martin Wilson

Aug 02, 2022

When you send someone an email, your name will show in their inbox, just like when you call someone. The email display name setting is responsible for the aesthetic improvement and the increased sense of personalization it provides. Your display name for personal accounts may be whatever you choose, even your Name. It is quite simple to change your display name to anything else if you would want to do so if your Name has been altered or for any other reason.

You may update your Name throughout your whole Google Account by going to accounts.google.com, selecting Personal details on the left rail, and making the necessary changes there. Then, under the Basic info section, click on Name. On the next page, you will see the option to change your Name throughout your Google Account. Before you leave this page, be sure to click the Save button.


When using Gmail, you should begin by accessing your inbox. To adjust your Gmail settings, use the gear icon in the window's top right corner. This brings up a window for Quick settings but doesn't include any of the parameters we need. Select All Settings from the menu that appears at the top. Select Accounts and Import now that we are in the complete settings, then scroll down until you reach the section labelled Send mail: After that, choose the link to modify your information.

This brings up a window in which you may make selections for your display name. Under "Name," you'll see two radio buttons; one of them is designated for the Name that's associated with your Google Account. The second option is a blank text field in which you are free to type whatever you choose. Changing your Name in Gmail is the sole purpose of this text field. If that is sufficient, you may delete the Name that is now there, enter the Name that you want, and then click the Save Changes button. You're done.


Changing your display name in Outlook will also change the display name associated with your Microsoft Account. You don't have nearly as many customization possibilities with Microsoft's Mail as you do with Google's Gmail. If you wish to alter the Name shown when you send an email from an Outlook or Hotmail address, then you will need to modify your Name throughout your Microsoft account.

To do so, go to account.microsoft.com/profile. To edit your Name, go to the first tile that displays your profile picture and select the Edit name button in the bottom right corner. This causes a pop-up box to appear, in which you must first click Save before changing your Name and then entering a captcha.

AOL Mail

Changing your display name on AOL Mail is a reasonably straightforward process. This advice is not for you if you are shocked to learn that AOL Mail is still in operation. For those of you who are still using AOL Mail, go on over to your inbox. Under your login in the top right corner, select the Options button and click Mail settings. This leads you to the page where you may configure the options. Choose Compose from the menu on the left side of the page, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Display Name. Make the necessary changes to your Name in the text field, click the Save Settings button, and you are finished.

Yahoo! Mail

To change your Yahoo! Mail inbox settings, select the gear symbol in the top right corner of the screen, just below the enormous home button. Like Gmail, this displays a fast settings section but does not include what we want. Choose More Settings from the menu at the bottom box containing the quick settings.

Click the Mailboxes link located on the left rail of that comprehensive settings page. Next, choose the email address you wish to update under the Mailbox list by clicking on it. This triggers the opening of a panel on the right. You are going to want to update your Name at the very top. You may start modifying that section by clicking on it, or you can pick the "x" on the right side of the screen to delete it. After you have finished, scroll down to the bottom of the window and click the Save button.


ProtonMail is not the most well-known brand in webmail. Still, it is gaining popularity due to its zero-knowledge encryption feature, which is designed to make your email as private as is practically feasible. It would be ideal if the other individuals you know also used ProtonMail since this would ensure that all your messages were sent and received in an encrypted format. Except if you often communicate with people who use Gmail, at least the email stored on ProtonMail's servers is encrypted using a key (your password) that no one else has access to but you.


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