How to Transfer All Your Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone: A Complete Guide


Bethany Walsh

Jun 27, 2022

Have you recently made a new iPhone purchase? It's likely that you'll want to sync all of your old iPhone's data with your new one. If you need to move data from one iPhone to another, there are a variety of alternatives available from Apple. For example, you may start from scratch, meaning you'd have to start over from the beginning and lose all you've already got. Even if you're already an Android user, you have the option of transferring all of your data to the new iPhone. We'll go through the three techniques for moving files to the latest iPhone. How to transfer all your data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone will not be a problem anymore after reading this post.

Data Transmission Methods

1. Restore the iCloud Backup to the new iPhone

Restoring from an iCloud backup is the fastest and simplest way to get your new iPhone up and running. You may restore your previous iPhone's data by selecting Recover from iCloud backup during the first setup procedure, signing in using your Apple ID.

Make an additional backup if the last one was more than 24 hours old as soon as possible. Your new phone may recommend this as well. Click the Settings icon on your previous iPhone, find an iCloud backup, and then tap Back up Now. After this is complete, return to your latest iPhone and choose the backup you recently generated as the source for the restoration.

After downloading your loaded applications, your phone will restore your saved configurations &'' preferences; then, you will be ready to use it again in approximately 15 minutes. If you've added any accounts to your phone, you'll need to re-enter them and ensure you are logged in to all of your applications.

2. Make Use of Apple's Direct Mode of Transmission

This option will be available during the first setup procedure for those who wish to transfer applications and data from their previous iPhones. If you haven't updated your phone in a while, you may see this option for the first time since it was introduced with iOS 12.4. Using the program is a cinch. Keep in mind that the procedure might take up to an hour, so ensure you possess both iPhones connected in and charged, Wi-Fi connectivity, with enough time.

You'll have to wait longer if you have a lot of data on your iPhone, like photographs in your gallery. A time estimate will appear on your phone as soon as the transfer is in progress. That estimate has always been within a few minutes of being correct when I've utilized this tool. If you don't utilize Apple's iCloud feature to back up your device, it's well worth the effort.

3. When Transferring Data to An iPhone, Use a Mac or PC

With each latest iPhone I get, I restore it from a secured backup on a MacBook or PC. That's how I do it. All your applications, settings, and favorites will be transferred to your new phone, and you won't have to log into any other devices. You must first generate a secured backup of your existing iPhone before attempting to utilize this approach. Despite the fact that it may seem hard, it simply requires you to tick a box and provide your password.

On a Mac, use Finder to back up your iPhone. When Apple discontinued iTunes, we walked you through the process. Ensure that the secure backup box is checked, and provide a password you can remember when asked. During this time, your Mac will be building a backup. Whenever it's done, it will notify you through email. To generate a backup on a Computer, you'll need to utilize iTunes (which isn't dead yet). There's a step-by-step explanation here. The Secure backup box must be ticked, and a passcode must be entered.

Using Finder or iTunes, plug in your new iPhone and begin the process of resetting it. Follow the steps and pick the backup you recently made to recover the phone, then tap Trust when requested. Before the procedure can begin, you will be prompted for the backup passcode, so don't lose track of it! Your new iPhone will be an identical clone to your previous one, and you won't be spending any time logging into applications or other strange accounts after it’s done!

The Bottom Line

All of your information from your previous iPhone, iBook, or MacBook air should have been successfully moved to your new iPhone with the aid of our comprehensive instruction. It's a good idea to spread the word about this article if it works for you, particularly if you just purchased an iPhone. Let us know if you do have some concerns or questions.


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