Picture Keeper Connect Review: Simple Photo Backup for The Entire Family


Martin Wilson

Jun 03, 2022

What Is Picture Keeper Connect?

The use of mobile devices as cameras by many individuals, including genealogists and family historians, is becoming more common. I've started collecting pictures to transmit and share with my family, particularly during the COVID epidemic, so that I may feel more connected to them. They may seem ridiculous to you right now. But I do not doubt that many years from now, my future descendants will be curious to learn what it was like to be alive during a great epidemic.

Pictures with Narratives

So now I'm writing down my experiences as they happen and adding pictures to the narratives to assist explain what happened. However, what would happen if anything were to happen to my iPhone? What would happen if I lost my balance and fell into the toilet? Who among us hasn't done that? Perhaps you've misplaced or had the phone stolen? Every single one of those images would be gone! I may have already posted them on Facebook and other social media platforms, in which case it will be a PAIN to find those photographs and preserve them.

We enjoy the ease of being able to capture digital photographs, but we don't know how quickly they may be lost. I refer to this as living in the "Digital Dark Ages," and it is very simple to fall into this trap. Because of this, I was interested in purchasing Picture Keeper Connect.

Functions of the Picture Keeper Connect

When I opened the package containing the Picture Keeper Connect, the following is how it appeared:

  • And it couldn't have been simpler to follow them! To summarise, I began by installing the free Picture Keeper Connect program on my computer, plugging the Picture Keeper Connect device, and following the on-screen instructions. And I didn't understand it at the time, but it will also make a backup of all of my contacts!

Simple Backup for Photographs

Picture Keeper Connect provides easy picture backup options for all of your devices, which you can take advantage of whether you're upgrading to a new phone, about to run out of storage space on your smartphone, or want to protect essential photographs. Connect Picture Keeper to your smartphone by plugging it into the charging port.

  • Move your data from your older devices to your newer ones.
  • Files may be moved between wireless devices and PCs using this method.
  • You may save your memories to Picture Keeper Connect right now.

Simple, Hassle-Free Backup

The process of backing up using Picture Keeper Connect is straightforward, in contrast to the processes involved with alternative backup solutions. Launch the Picture Keeper Connect app after you are connected, and pick "start backup" from the menu that appears. This application will:

  • The first backup should include your images, videos, and contact information.
  • With each fresh backup, you should only store any newly-created files; there should be no duplicates.
  • Track files across several Picture Keeper Connect discs in a streamlined manner.

There Is No Need for Internet

Imagine that you are on vacation in a rural area without internet access, and your gadget shows the dreaded notification that it has run out of storage. Connect your smartphone to Picture Keeper Connect, create a backup of your information, and then delete some photos from your device without fear of losing any of them!


So let's be honest. What would happen to the images on your mobile device if you were to misplace it or it was damaged to the point that they could not be retrieved? What do you stand to lose? What steps would you need to take to get those images?

I usually recommend using the "3-2-1 Backup Plan," which entails creating three separate backups, storing them on two different media types, and keeping one backup off your computer. My supplementary backup is the Picture Keeper Connect, which is simple to use and provides me with peace of mind. And I like how, after the first backup, it can determine which fresh photographs need to be backed up. In addition, the Picture Keeper Connect gadget is available whenever I need it, even if I am in a rush and need immediate access to the photographs I have backed up.

Picture Keeper Special Promotion

NEW! Picture Keeper is now offering a buy one 16GB Picture Keeper Connect and receive a free additional one with your purchase. To safeguard the photos, movies, and contacts you've accumulated on your mobile device(s), tablet(s), and personal computer(s), you may get this user-friendly solution for the low price of only $119.99 US Dollars (USD).


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