What Are The Best PDF Editors?

Martin Wilson

Mar 03, 2022

Even though it's almost twenty-five years old, PDF could be more effective than ever before in our multi-device and cross-platform society. Most of the time, you'll be able to use an online PDF reader that allows you to read and make comments on the PDF documents. However, at some point, especially in the business world, it is necessary to edit PDF files, which typically requires upgrading to an advanced PDF editor.

In the past, Adobe Acrobat has been the best choice, but it is also one of the highest-priced, usually making it unattainable of small and individual businesses as well as individuals. This has led to a myriad of alternatives that offer a variety of features and prices. We evaluated a variety of best PDF editors to find out the features they have and how they compare against one another.

Acrobat Pro DC

It's normal for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to perform excellently because it's from Adobe, the company that invented Portable Document Format. In a way, the application's full-service PDF editing fulfills that expectation. Acrobat Pro DC provides an entire set of PDF editing tools and allows you to edit PDFs that you have scanned. Acrobat DC's OCR engine can transform scanned documents into text that you can then browse through and alter.

However, Acrobat does not offer the ability to convert a whole document as soon as you launch it. Instead, it is waiting for you to start editing the document using Pro DC's editing tools, which recognize and convert pages when you decide to edit them. The process of changing the text within an OCR'd document was easy, and the result looked stunning. It's also very easy to modify the text and images in documents you haven't yet scanned. I was able to make modifications to all documents without any problems.

PDFpenPro 11

PDFpenPro is a solely macOS PDF editor that's been in use for quite a while. There's also an affordable version that has limited editing options. PDFpenPro is a top choice for Mac users because of its robust features, not the most important of which are outstanding OCR engines. It allows full editing of PDF documents. You can alter text and images within PDF documents. In addition, you can make PDF documents from scratch, design and edit templates, and make Tables of Content for PDF documents.

Its OCR tools are dependable. Suppose you are opening an old PDF document in PDFpenPro. In that case, the application automatically determines whether the file you're working on is a scan of the image or has text that is already selectable. If the former is the case, the application will ask you if you'd like it to detect the words on the page. Even for documents that exceed 400 pages, PDFpenPro recognized text quickly in just minutes and made the text editable and searchable. But editing text recognized by PDFpenPro isn't the same as editing text within an unscanned document.

Nitro Pro PDF File Editor

Nitro Pro editor for PDF has numerous features for editing PDFs that are like other PDF editors on Windows. Its features include the capability of editing and creating, reviewing, and collaborating, among other things. Furthermore, the Nitro editor lets users sign, fill out and protect their PDF documents. It works with all Windows operating systems and is available in two versions: commercial and personal. The business version costs $179.99 and comes with a suite of sophisticated options.

Wondershare PDFelement

PDFelement Pro has grown in the last couple of years and now has a sleek interface that is easy to navigate while the software is simple to use. It is possible to create your PDF, but you can also import the contents of a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document. It's been tested and found to work with the exception of large Excel sheets, as there is no option to pick only a specific part of the sheet that you wish to import.

If you have documents that are not protected, you can simply click the 'Edit text' button to accomplish exactly that. In contrast to some PDF editors, which require users to cover text (like Tippex) before you write over it, PDFelement lets you edit and select text exactly as you do use Word and is quite good in recognizing the font used. Additionally, you can choose and change images at will and delete elements and add new images.

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