Alternatives To Microsoft Word In 2022

Bethany Walsh

Oct 11, 2022

The best free word processor eliminates the need to pay for a license or subscription and provides a straightforward and quick approach to generating standard documents. It's possible to get by without a spreadsheet program or a slideshow creator, but written text documents are a need.

Although several excellent free word processing tools are available, they typically lack the functionality of more expensive alternatives. Even if they do, document formats may not be fully compatible when imported to Microsoft Word from other programs.

However, if you prefer to accomplish your writing in a web browser, there are also several good online tools to consider. The most logical option is Google Docs, which also offers the benefit of auto-saving your work in case your internet connection goes down. It's also an excellent option for team projects because it eliminates needing a third-party cloud storage solution.

LibreOffice Writer

Although both LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice are forks of Apache OpenOffice and provide similarly capable word processing applications, we give the nod to LibreOffice due to its more active user base and more regular upgrades. The Writer is a word processor with many of the same capabilities as Microsoft Word.

It has everything a writer may want or need to create and edit content. Both versions of Writer are equipped with premade templates and wizards for frequently used document kinds like letters and invoices, and it's simple to make your own. Each word processor can communicate with the other programs in its corresponding office suite, allowing you to do things like compiling a bibliography in Base.

Both word processors are compatible with virtually all common file types and may easily convert to PDF without additional tools. Both word processors can be used as a suitable replacement for Microsoft Word.

WPS Office Free Writer

If you're familiar with a recent version of Microsoft Word, you'll have no trouble transitioning to WPS Office Free's Writer. This free word processor is nearly identical to its paid counterpart, even down to delivering 1GB of free cloud storage via its version of Microsoft's OneDrive.

It comes with various document kinds and layouts already loaded, and you can also quickly develop your own for more specific projects. It works with every known text file format, from the newest versions of Microsoft Word to older ones like Office 97.

The free edition of WPS Office Writer displays subtle advertisements; paying for the full version will eliminate these adverts and unlock all premium features. In conclusion, WPS Writer is an excellent program, and it is our pick for the most OK free word processor currently available. With its word processor, WPS has now released a free PDF to Word converter.


FocusWriter is packed with intelligent tools that will help you optimize productivity without ever getting in the way. Still, if you just want to bang out some words without thinking about formatting, you could use Windows' built-in Notepad software. FocusWriter does what its name suggests and eliminates any interruptions so you can devote your complete concentration to writing that first draft.

Focused Text's killer feature is that it makes everything disappear except the current paragraph or phrase, making it look like a blank page when you first open it. The toolbars only appear when you move the mouse pointer to the edges of the screen.

You can forget about keeping track of the time or the number of words you've written thanks to the time- and word-based notifications included in FocusWriter (as you would in Microsoft Word). Similarly, the Pomodoro Technique, in which you work intensely for 25 minutes before taking a short break, is another method that benefits from the employment of FocusWriter.

FreeOffice TextMaker

Word processing in SoftMaker FreeOffice, called TextMaker, is visually appealing and includes various valuable templates for common types of documents like letters and resumes. Although its competitor products provide a wider variety of templates, TMV allows you to create your own and store them for later use.

There are sophisticated formatting tools, a database-building capability for keeping track of citations and references, and a revision-tracking feature, much as you'd expect from a contemporary word processor.

The inability to save in DOCX format is TextMaker's single significant downside (though you can open and edit these files without difficulty). Sadly, you'll need to upgrade to SoftMaker Office Premium to access this function.

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