Ways to Use Google Voice On Your IPhone or Android Smartphone

Martin Wilson

Aug 13, 2022

Because Google Voice uses the minute’s plan on your mobile device to place phone calls (you cannot place calls if you do not have a minutes plan), it does not provide a mechanism to circumvent the fees charged by carriers. If you want to read your voicemail like you do email, send text messages for free, and combine your phone numbers, Google Voice is a great tool. It is especially helpful to call using your Google Voice number if you manage a small company and don't want to give out your number to clients or if you have more than one phone at your disposal.

Google Voice also enables you to send and receive free text messages. Owning the Google Voice app is beneficial if you already have a number associated with Google Voice or if you are interested in getting one in the future. This will walk you through configuring it on your mobile phone or tablet.

Step 1: Install Google Voice

The Google Voice app is available without cost. Launch the app store local to your device and search Google Voice. Most Android and iOS devices, including tablets, are compatible with Google Voice. On Apple devices, Google Voice needs iOS 3.0 or later.

Step 2: Set Up Google Voice

You need to have a Google Voice number that is associated with your Google account before you can begin using Google Voice. Visit the Google Voice website to generate a number and connect it to your existing Google account so that you may receive a number. Tap the Google Voice app on your Android device to launch it when the installation is complete. The Welcome page will provide you with some general information on the application. You may use Google Voice to make phone calls using your Google Voice number, send and receive free text messages using the app, and replace your default voicemail with Google Voice voicemail. Once you have pressed the Next button, the app will ask you to sign in to Google Voice using your account with Google. After that, Google Voice will guide you through setting up your account.

Making a call from the Google Voice Android app.

After that, Google Voice will prompt you to configure your voicemail system. You will be prompted to dial a unique number to set up your phone (click the link, and it will ring automatically). After that, you will be given the option to utilize either the voicemail service provided by Google Voice or the voicemail service provided by your phone carrier. The advantage of using Google Voice voicemail is that it will offer a transcription (but not always a correct transcription) of every voicemail you get, even if the transcription is not necessarily accurate. Rather than listening to your voicemail, you have the option to read it instead, thanks to this function.


This is because, on iPhone, Google Voice is only available as an app, but on Android, it is fully integrated into the phone's operating system. Tap the app icon when Google Voice for iOS has successfully been installed on your device. When you first use the app, you will be prompted to sign in using your Google account. After successfully logging in, the application will request that your phone number be added to the Google Voice account you are using. If you enter your phone number, Google Voice will allow you to accept calls on your mobile device even when you're not near a computer. You also have the option to skip adding a phone number.

After completing the initial setup steps, you will be brought to your Google Voice mailbox, where you can see all your voicemails and text messages sent via Google Voice. In the Google Voice app for iOS, there are four tabs that you may access: Inbox, Dialer, Quick Dial, and Settings. You can make phone calls and send text messages using the phone number associated with your Google Voice account. Your cell plan will continue to charge you for each call made to and from your phone. In contrast, text messages will be sent from your Google Voice account, which is a glorified version of your Gmail account. Because of this, Google Voice text messages will not count against your monthly limit for text messages on your cell plan.

Using Google Voice

If you are familiar with its functionality, Google Voice may be a useful tool. However, it is not a free-calling software (although if you use the desktop client, you may make free calls to U.S. numbers); rather, it is only a method of organizing your phone numbers and voicemail more conveniently.

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