How to Find the Right Printer Driver for Mac?

Martin Wilson

Aug 08, 2022


Before using a printer, you must add its name to the appropriate list in your Scanners and Printers settings. (If you're transitioning from a Windows PC, you won't miss a beat in terms of familiarity with the interface and controls. Mac users will recognize the analogy between Windows' Printing Control Panel and the system's default preferences for printers and scanners. I had no trouble getting my printer set up. Incredibly simple. You won't need to download any extra software if you want to use your wireless printer. The printer's driver will appear in the "Preferences" section of "Printers and Scanners."

How to Find the Right Printer Driver for Mac?

System preferences might have a Printers &'' Scanners submenu. To use a printer, pick it from the list on the left and click it. The location is over to the right. Even though it's possible to have both and switch between them whenever you like, you may only want to stick with the driver you already have because it provides the most advanced features and functions. Currently installed drivers can be uninstalled by scrolling to the end of the list of Printers and clicking the button that looks like a minus sign (-).

To proceed, select the "plus" symbol button. (+). Look at the nearby printing options provided by the recently displayed pop-up menu. The marked area likely is where you'll find your printer. Stop wasting your time on this! If you install this driver, it'll restart the driver on your PC, which you don't want to do.

Select Add Printer or Scanner from the drop-down menu to add a device. Selecting the printer from the drop-down menu will appear on the next Add screen. If this is the case, it is recommended to go ahead and choose that option. Don't rush things by clicking "Add" just yet. There's still work to be done.

Try selecting the Use menu item that should be located on the left side of the screen. That's the worst possible outcome. It's the same as clicking the printer driver's name in the list next to Printers. Instead, highlight the context menu by clicking on the item and choosing the printer-specific option. To choose this, click here. In the highly unlikely event that the printer name is not found, choose Software; ideally, your printer's name will be present here. Click this if that describes your situation. Click the "Add" button after that.

This will activate the driver for your printer (that you may have previously downloaded and then installed) (that you may have previously downloaded and then installed). The final action is to bring up the Print dialogue for the document. There are, in the end, only selling-related choices. My Color Options finally showed up as promised. The vendor-specific driver will not prevent wireless Printing. My iOS devices could print without problems, even though my Mac used a different printer driver. It was a completely successful event.

How Do I Set Up A Printer On My Mac?

A printer can be connected to a computer and turned on once its USB cable has been plugged into both the computer and the printer and the printer has been plugged into a working power outlet. Connecting the printer and turning it off is required before it recognizes your Mac. Most currently available USB printers have drivers built into OS X. To see if OS X recognizes your printer, go to the Print and Fax preferences by clicking the Apple menu's Preferences option, Print and Fax, and Printing preferences tab.

If your printer model is not listed, visit the manufacturer's website to obtain the latest drivers. Maybe your printer is brand new. That's up to the maker. It shouldn't be hard to set up the printer's driver software. To use the Software, download an installer from the site and double-click it to launch. It's possible that the driver installation failed because your printer requires special features not supported by the default driver.

Both USB and network printers can be set up. Thanks to TCP/IP, Printing from afar is now possible. It is sufficient to use the IP addresses of the printers. Choose Printing in the System Preferences menu to set up the network or IP printer. To add a printer to your list, click the plus button. Later, Mac will hook up to the printer. When you're ready to use your printer, you can connect it and add it by clicking the Add button.


A printer's driver is a piece of Software that facilitates interaction between the printer and the computer, transforming data from the former into a format that can be printed. It's possible to install the program on multiple computers at once by transferring it to a server. In either case, the item is purchased, downloaded, and installed.

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