Different Ways to Boot into Windows 10's Safe Mode

Martin Wilson

Aug 03, 2022

Safe mode may also be helpful if your device running Windows 10 is moving at an abnormally snail's pace or if it just won't start up. It is one of the first steps you can take toward getting your personal computer back up and running properly, and it will assist you in determining the cause of the issue.

You can't keep your device running in safe mode indefinitely since it disables many essential capabilities. Still, it's a helpful tool to use when you're experiencing troubles to figure out the issue and fix it. If you are unsure how to boot into safe mode on Windows 10, you have come to the correct spot. In the following paragraphs, we will walk you through the process of how to do so using steps that are simple to understand.

Way to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 10

If you have full access to the desktop of your device and can boot into safe mode from the Settings Menu, the following instructions will walk you through how to do so:

  1. You may access Settings by selecting it from the Start Menu or by hitting the letter I. If you want to reach the Settings Menu from the Start Menu, which is placed on the toolbar, you must click the Windows logo in the corner and then seek the small cog symbol. Accessing the Settings Menu couldn't be simpler
  2. From the Menu, choose Settings, and then select Updates and Security. There is a convenient search box that you may use to discover Updates and Security in the Settings menu if you cannot locate it on your own.
  3. Launch the Recovery tab found in the Menu for updates and security. The Recovery tab may be found in the left-hand column of the Updates and Security Menu. Take advantage of the search box if you're having trouble finding what you're looking for.
  4. Select "Restart Now" from the Menu under "Advanced startup." To restart the computer immediately, click the "Restart Now" option, which can be found under the Advanced startup heading. However, make sure you have a backup of whatever you were working on before you do this.
  5. Choose the Troubleshoot option.
  6. Choose the settings under Advanced.
  7. Make your selection under Startup Settings.
  8. Select Restart. Follow the procedures outlined in the previous section, starting with selecting Troubleshoot, followed by Advanced options. Startup Settings, and lastly, restarting your device, and you will be presented with a screen that asks you to "Choose an option." This will force your device to restart once again.
  9. When you are in the Startup Settings menu, press the F4 key. Following a restart of your Windows 10 device, you will be presented with a numbered list of choices; choose option number 4 from this list.

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How to Boot into Windows 10 Safe Mode from The Sign-In Screen

There is no need for concern even if you are unable to access your desktop and, as a result, are unable to boot into safe mode through the settings menu. From the screen where you sign in, this is how you may get access to safe mode:

  1. While holding it down, press the shift key.
  2. Choose to have power.
  3. Click the Restart button. Keep holding down the shift key, and while doing so, hit the Power button (the one on the screen, not the one physically located on your device), and then click the restart button.
  4. Choose the Troubleshoot option.
  5. Choose the settings under Advanced.
  6. Make your selection under Startup Settings.
  7. Select Restart. Follow these steps to successfully boot into the 'Choose an option' Menu once your device has completed a restart: first, choose Troubleshoot from the Menu, followed by Advanced options, then restart, and lastly, startup settings. Following that, your device will undergo a restart.
  8. At the Menu for Startup Settings, press the F4 key. When your Windows 10 device has finished restarting, you will see a menu with many choices; you need to hit the F4 key to choose option number 4 from the Menu. This will cause your computer to boot into safe mode. Instead, hit the F5 key if you want to be able to connect to the internet while in safe mode. This is the case if you require networking capabilities.

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Way to Exit Safe Mode On Windows 10

When you are finished using Safe Mode, it will not be difficult for you to exit. Restart your PC in this case:

  1. To begin, choose the Start button.
  2. Choose to have power.
  3. Click the Restart button. You will be brought back to the regular Windows 10 interface.

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