Ways to Use Zoom's Video Filters to Spice Up Your Next Zoom Call

Martin Wilson

Aug 03, 2022

Zoom has quickly emerged as a front-runner option for online meetings and conferences. It might be for events such as meetings or webinars; it could also be for lessons, or it could just be to keep up with pals. Staring at a screen filled with poker-faced individuals may be pretty dull, especially if all you have to go on are their names or still photographs. This article will walk you through the steps of using both the built-in and third-party Zoom filters so that you may wow your coworkers at your next Zoom meeting.

Why Would Someone Use a Zoom Filter?

The popularity of filters may be attributed to the proliferation of messaging applications like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. These visuals or animations are superimposed on your video and include things like hats, sunglasses, and other masks. They may be funny, silly, or just plain odd. Most people are acquainted with the virtual backdrop function that Zoom offers, but only a select few are aware of Zoom's filter options. In addition, you can download tools such as Snapchat's Snap Camera, which works nicely with Zoom and provides several unique effects to make your Zoom meetings more entertaining.

Accessing Zoom's Built-In Filters

Because Zoom is independent of both devices and platforms, you may use it on any device as long as your computer or mobile device meets the minimum requirements that Zoom sets for its system requirements. Once you are inside a Zoom room, whether your own or someone else's, you will have access to the option to apply filters. To be clear, if you do not have a Zoom account, you will not be able to initiate your meeting, nor will you be able to utilize Zoom's filters until after you have joined an existing meeting.

Using Zoom Filters On Your Desktop

Zoom Video Options

Windows users must have a 64-bit operating system and an installed version of Zoom desktop client that is 5.2.0 (42634.0805) or above. You may access video filters on your Windows or Mac computer by doing the following:

  • Participate in or start a meeting.
  • To play a video, you must choose the arrow in the top right corner of the button.
  • Choose Video Filter.
  • Select a filter for the backdrop.


  • Go to the homepage of your Zoom account, and then click Settings.
  • Background &'' Filters >'' Video Filters.
  • Select a filter for the backdrop.

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Users of iOS must ensure that their devices are running iOS 11 or a later version. The iPhone 8 and iPad 2017 or later are the minimum requirements for compatibility. Meanwhile, the platform calls for Android 8.0 or a higher version.

  • Utilizing your Zoom app, you may begin a meeting or join an existing one.
  • Choose the More option located in the screen's lower right corner.
  • After selecting Background and Filters, choose the Filters option.
  • Select a filter for the backdrop.
  • How to Use the Zoom Function with Snap Camera Filters

Snap Camera Filters On Zoom

You may spruce up your look, backdrop, or both with the Snap Camera app and the filters already integrated into the Zoom app. Snap Camera is an independent application that may be used within and outside Zoom meetings. The fantastic thing about it is that you may use it regardless of whether or not you have a Zoom account. Snap Camera has to be active and running in the background while you are in the conversation for it to function correctly. The following is a list of the actions that need to be taken to utilize Snap Camera filters for your Zoom meetings:

  • You may download Snap Camera from this link. Scroll down and tap the checkbox to accept Snap Camera's licensing agreement.
  • Install Snap Camera.
  • Permit access to the camera and the microphone.
  • Launch Snap Camera, then choose a filter to apply. If you have recently installed Snap Camera, be sure to exit Zoom before using it for the first time.
  • Open your Zoom. Participate in or organize a meeting.
  • To begin playing the video, choose the arrow in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • You'll see that the option to use the Snap Camera has been introduced down below. Select a Camera. Tap it.
  • If you wish to alter your filter, you may return to Snap Camera and make the necessary changes there. Alternately, you may change your filter in a flash depending on the ones you've chosen in the past by clicking the Snap Camera button in the menu bar of your device.

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Use Both Zoom and Snap Camera Filters

Snap Camera and Zoom call include built-in filters you may use if you want to get creative with your filter game. You can use either Snap Camera or Zoom. To do this, ensure that Snap Camera is selected as the camera app on your Zoom device. Then, using the built-in functions of Zoom, apply the video filter that best suits your needs.

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