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Martin Wilson

Aug 03, 2022

The greatest word processing program on the market is Microsoft Word, which can be found in most computer stores. It is an excellent word processing program that allows you to incorporate pictures, photographs, word arts, charts, 3D models, screenshots, and various other modules. There is a wide selection of typefaces available in Microsoft Word, which is one of the program's many beneficial features.

Your writing will certainly benefit from the addition of these fonts. One must choose a font appropriate for the content to make it simpler for people to read. Cursive fonts are quite popular among users and are often used by users for a variety of purposes, including the creation of colorful invites, elegant text work, casual communications, and a whole lot more.

Cursive Fonts

Back in the day, cursive writing was considered a fast writing approach. Today, most people write in print. The writing was accomplished more quickly using cursive because it required far less pen raising. Its flowing aspect was attributed to the fact that there was less pen lifting, which led to more letters being connected.

Brush Script MT

The Brush Script font family has always been regarded as one of Word's most legible cursive fonts. It is quite prevalent and has a daring appearance because of the heavyweights it uses. This typeface has a variety of delicate textures that provide a brush-like impression, and the letters are connected to create the appearance of the Word's cursive font. Some believe this typeface is ideal for initials since it has uppercase options that work well.

Edwardian Script

A typeface that has been designed to seem like exquisite cursive. It was suggested that a steel point pen rather than an angled nib inspired this script font. Despite this, one of the greatest cursive fonts on Word is this one since it exudes a great deal of elegance and a classic level of delicacy.

Script MT

It is believed that the Script MT typeface, which comes in a bold version, is an excellent choice for usage in logos and packaging. The early twentieth century's German handwriting styles inspired this font, which is an intriguing detail about the typeface.

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Palace Script MT

The Palace Script MT provides an outstanding illustration of an English copperplate script. It is recommended to work with the typeface in bigger sizes since it looks somewhat condensed and has a low height.

Freestyle Script Font Family

The Freestyle Script font family displays an unrefined and unpretentious cursive. Because it combines print and cursive letters, it has the appearance of handwriting even though it was typed.

Vladimir Script Font Family

The Vladimir Script font is a cursive brush style that resembles a hand-painted font from the 1950s. The typeface was designed in Russia. If you want to create something that seems casual yet professional, this is one of the greatest cursive fonts that Word has to offer. The typeface, according to many people, looks fantastic on customized printed cards and other paper things.

Kunstler Script Font Family

Hans Bohn is responsible for the creation of the Kunstler script font family. The typeface is reminiscent of an ornate, formal engraving style, making it an excellent choice for usage on formal invitations or diplomas.

Rage Italic

The typeface known as Rage Italic is a brush font with cursive characters and a rough appearance. This typeface works very well for projects that need to have a laid-back and fun vibe to them.

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Downloading Fonts from Google Fonts

Google Fonts is an excellent resource that provides users with access to hundreds of free fonts. To get the fonts you need from Google Fonts, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the internet browser program of your choice, put into the address box, and then press the Enter key.
  2. The Google Fonts library would then load, at which point you could download any font you want. You may search for cursive fonts using the search box if you need fonts in that format.
  3. When looking for cursive font, it might be more beneficial to search using keywords such as "Handwriting" and "Script" rather than the term "cursive" itself.
  4. After locating the typeface you want to use, choose it by clicking on it.
  5. Once the font window has opened, choose the family you want to download by selecting the choice from the drop-down menu. Simply selecting the choice to get the specific font will get the download process started.
  6. Once the font has been downloaded, you may install it on your machine by following the steps outlined in the previous section.

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