Ways to Get Office 365 On The Cheap

Martin Wilson

Aug 03, 2022

Even at the retail price of $70 per year, a personal membership to Microsoft 365 is one of the greatest offers available in the technology industry. This subscription gives you complete access to Microsoft's Office suite and one terabyte of cloud storage space inside OneDrive. For years, I've been a member, partly for the Office software but mostly so that I can access my photographs, papers, and personal music collection from any device. I've been fairly happy with my subscription.

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However, a significant portion of that fulfillment originates from the fact that the item was never purchased at full price in the first place. Instead, I've made it a habit to look for Office 365 discount coupons on eBay and then use those codes to keep my membership active for additional years. Here are several methods to save money on Microsoft Office instead of purchasing it at full price from a local retailer.

1. Use Microsoft's Student Office Plans

If the price of Microsoft Office makes you wince because you are a student, there is a chance that you are eligible for a free subscription to Office 365. Because your educational establishment has to be signed up with Microsoft for you to get the benefits of this plan, this offer is not available to all students. Despite this, it's not a bad idea to give it a go and see if you can get a free copy of Office.

Visit the official website for Office 365 Education and look for the area to type your school's email address. This will tell you whether you are qualified for the service. You should get an activation code for Office 365 if you're eligible, and you may start using it as soon as possible. It is important to remember that this is not a gift that will last a lifetime. After you have graduated from the school you currently attend, Microsoft may contact you to determine whether or not you are still eligible.

2. Visit The Office Online Website

Have you heard that you may use the online versions of Microsoft Office for free? Even though this isn't acquiring a license for Office, it's still a fantastic method to use Word without spending any money on it. If you go to Office.com, you'll discover that the whole Microsoft Office suite is already installed and ready for you to use. If you already have a Microsoft account, all you need to do to begin using Office at no additional cost is log in with that account. Office Online allows you to upload, edit, and download Office files from your local computer for use in the service. If you want to read a Word document but do not have access to a word processor, you may upload the document to Office Online and then read it there.

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What exactly is the catch, then? Office Online does not include all of the functions available in Office 365, and it is missing several capabilities that are helpful to users. While you use Office Online, Microsoft repeatedly prompts you to buy a subscription by regularly reminding you of this fact and encouraging you to do so. On the other hand, this one does the trick if you're looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Office.

3. Use The Mobile Office Apps for Android and IOS

When we talk about free Office software, we should mention that each component of Office can also be found for free on mobile. To reiterate, this is not the same thing as purchasing a license for Office, but it is still beneficial if you want to save money legally. They can be found in the app stores for Android and iOS, and Microsoft is now working on a more comprehensive and all-encompassing version of the Office app that will be made available later.

4. Utilize Third-Party Retailers

If you want to buy Microsoft Office in a way that is not dishonest, it is in your best interest to look for bargains on Microsoft Office sold by reputable retailers. There's a possibility that some of them provide attractive discounts on Microsoft Office 365, and some could even sell Office at a cheap price than Microsoft does themselves. For instance, the price of Office 2019 is now listed at $149 on the Microsoft Store website; how much does Microsoft Office cost on, say, Amazon? It has come to our attention that a digital download may be purchased from the Amazon shop at a reduced price.

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5. Get Microsoft Office Cheap On Gray Market Stores

If none of the abovementioned options work for you, your best chance is to shop on the grey market. Websites participating in the grey market may provide a massive discount on Microsoft Office that is difficult to refuse. The fact that individuals sell keys on these websites without the approval or permission of the game's original creator or publisher is why they are referred to as a "grey market."

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