Snapchat's New Augmented Reality 3D World Lenses

Martin Wilson

Jun 28, 2022

The popularity of Snapchat's selfie filters, driven by augmented reality animations, contributed to the development of the app's new 3D world lenses. Facebook subsequently adopted several of Snapchat's popular selfie filters for its augmented reality camera capabilities. Instead of utilizing augmented reality (AR) to animate your face, you can use Snapchat's 3D world glasses to add floating animations to whatever is in front of you on your smartphone by using the camera located on the back of your device.

Bitmoji World Lenses

The functionality of Bitmoji World Lenses will be identical to that of Snapchat's famous dancing hotdog. You can integrate your 3D Bitmoji avatar into your actual surroundings, take a picture or video of the result, and then either email it to your friends directly or publish it to your Story. This most recent upgrade to Snapchat was released the same week that Apple Inc. unveiled its animated emoticons for its premium flagship smartphone, the iPhone X. These emojis are known as "Animoji."

The Newest Version of Snapchat

According to the S-1 filing that Snaps made in February 2017, the company purchased Bitstrips Inc., the company that developed Bitmojis in 2014, roughly 18 months ago, for $64 million. In April, the business released World Lenses, a feature that enables users to add augmented reality items to their environment. The most recent upgrade to Snapchat will integrate these two technologies, which will assist the firm in expanding its augmented reality capabilities. Snap fell short of its expectations for its first full quarter as a public company and managed to grow its user base by only 7 million compared to the previous quarter. The company faces intense competition from Facebook Inc., which has introduced features comparable to Snapchat across all of its apps.

Six months after its initial release, Facebook officially made public on Thursday the news that its Messenger Day feature had attracted 70 million users daily. However, Facebook's Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status features have proved to be the most popular for the corporation. These features have garnered 250 million daily users, making them Facebook's most popular products. In contrast, Snapchat is at the back of the pack, with 173 million daily users across its platforms. As a result, Snap has a significant incentive to develop new features that will enable users to take an even more active role in the platform. The following instructions will help you get started with 3D Bitmojis if you are one of the 173 million people who use Snapchat:

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Begin Using

If you haven't used Bitmojis before, you'll need to start downloading the app, creating an avatar, and adding it to your Snapchat account. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Snapchat app to take advantage of the new Bitmoji World Lenses when they become available for Android and iOS users. Start by opening the Snapchat app, which will bring you to the primary camera screen when you do so. From there, you can begin adding your 3D Bitmoji to your surroundings. Because the new function can only be used with the camera that faces backward, you will need to ensure that this option is chosen.

Select A 3D Bitmoji Lens

Tap the display to bring up the lens carousel, then choose a 3D Bitmoji Lens to apply. There are many different options available, such as a butterfly that will turn your Bitmoji into a yogi, a skateboard that will show your Bitmoji skating around your surroundings, a box of popcorn that will put your Bitmoji in a movie theatre, a guitar that will allow your Bitmoji to play a few chords, and many more. You can change the size of your Bitmoji by squeezing the screen inwards or outwards, and you can move it about the screen by touching on different parts of the display at various points.

Record and Share

When you are satisfied with the size and placement of your Bitmoji and the 3D Bitmoji Lens you have selected, it is time to record and share your creation. Keep the record button down, and as you move the camera around, the 3D Bitmoji will move along with it due to augmented reality. When the recording is finished, you can apply the standard stickers or filters. After that, you will have the option to either store it on your camera roll or share it privately with certain people and add it to your Story.

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