Understanding: How to Adjust Left/Right Audio Balance in iOS?

Bethany Walsh

Jun 27, 2022


Individuals who become deaf from one ear yet enjoy hearing songs and viewing movies may find it helpful to adjust the sound equilibrium. Additionally, it can be useful when one side of your headphones quits working. Reading this article, you may learn how to change the left/right audio balance on an iPhone or iPad.

Do you realize that an iPhone or iPad's headphone output equalization adjustments could be changed? ( iOS device ). How to adjust left/right audio balance in iOS? Employing this balancing setting change on your iPhone or iPad can level the audio if one of your ears has some hearing damage. This is how to equalize your left or right earphone on an iPhone while using headsets or earphones.

  • Access Settings
  • Toggle between General and Accessibility

Go to Settings >'''>''' Tap on General

Going to options is the first step in adjusting the sound equalization in iOS. You must click general after opening settings on the gadget. Each device has a setup option; you must tap it to launch your application and select general.

In other words, you touch and take across on the Settings display to show the "Search" box at the head of the Settings display to access the Settings application upon that iPhone, iPad, as well as iPod touches at the main Settings application display.

Tap on Accessibility

You must touch on Accessibility throughout the settings application after selecting general. Thanks to this, you would have access to the left/right sound mix adjustment on your iPhone or iPad. It also has standard functions like Siri and FaceTime, which are quite helpful for deaf and otherwise blind people. Each of these capabilities is available mostly on iPhones and iPad, and many of these can be accessed under Settings. One of Apple's greatest significant features is its media helper, Siri.

Alter the Loudness Balance

Select Audio/Visual from the HEARING area now. Individuals who become deaf from one ear but enjoy listening to the radio and viewing movies may find it helpful to adjust the sound balance. Additionally, it can be useful when one side of your headphones quits working. You can continue to use it with this feature till you buy fresh ones. As a result, creative artists could experiment with the audio equilibrium of their songs by adjusting the settings on Android and iOS gadgets. The LR slider is located in the Audio/Visual options. You could shift the equilibrium either the left or right using the lever i.e., width="555" height="601">'''LR Sliders.

Change the Mono Audio button to the position in the same area if you wish to merge the two channels when playing sound. For instance, if you play the video below, the left and right channels would alternately play the audio. However, once the Mono Sound option is activated, you will hear audio from both speakers at once. You could experiment with it.

Other Techniques to Change the Audio Balance on iOS

  • Launch the app after installation.
  • To grant the programme access to the necessary files, tap on Permit.
  • Play your favourite music as soon as the programme starts, then select the sound setting choice as seen in the screenshot by tapping it.
  • The settings window will also change. At the top, click the main item.
  • A Balance choice would then appear on the top left side. It could adjust the earphones' audio mix to your needs.

Phone Noise Cancellation

It utilizes air pressure to decrease ambient background noise, making you hear clearer when placing the receiver to the ear during phone calls in certain public places. Phone noise cancellation is installed by default on iPhone 12 and previous models, although it can be disabled for your convenience.


For multiple iOS updates, Apple has provided a left/right sound balancing option, but this doesn't indicate wherever it may be found. It would be under Accessibility (Settings >''' General >''' Accessibility), not audio. You can choose from various options if you scroll down the page to the Listening specific section. Left/right imbalance may be changed on all iOS devices. Consequently, changing the left/right sound in iOS is simple. Simple measures could be taken to complete it. You might also download an application for this.

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