How to Set Up an Apple ID without A Payment Method

Bethany Walsh

May 29, 2022

These are every steps you require to take to make a new Apple account from your iPhone or iPad without a credit card. It's important to note that this method only works if you're intending to install an app for free and not even logging into an Apple device. If you want to make an account without downloading an application, you won't see the "None" option on the money transaction method page.

If you have a Mac, you can make an Apple account in the same way without a money transaction option by going to the Mac App Store and downloading an application for no cost. Also, if you have a PC, you can make an Apple ID without providing your payment method data by downloading a free app from the App Store with the iTunes desktop client.

You no longer have to borrow credit cards from your parents or other relatives, especially if you're a teenager. But we're not sure why Apple doesn't yet have a simpler way to make a new username without having to enter payment data.

Did you make a new Apple account instead of putting in your payment method data? How do you feel about this clever way to prevent entering payment data?

Taking Payment Information off of an Existing iPhone Apple ID

When you made a new Apple ID in the past, you had to add a way to pay. It was meant to make things easier, but it could cause trouble if you pay for an app by accident or if someone else has your iPhone. Taking this into account, here's a detailed guide on removing payment information from your existing Apple ID on your iPhone.

Creating an Apple ID Without a Credit Card

Almost everything you want to do with Apple services requires an Apple ID. You had to link a credit card to your Apple account a few years ago. But Apple has changed its mind and has been letting people make an Apple ID without a money card for some time.

How to set up an Apple ID without a payment method If you don't link a credit card or other way to pay to your Apple ID, you won't be able to buy anything, but you can still download free content, like free apps. The steps in this article were written in February 2016, and we can say that they still work.

Make sure you aren't signed in to any Apple accounts. If that's the case, sign out. Go to the App Store and search for free apps. It doesn't matter what application it is, so grab the first one you see. Tap once on the "Free" button. It will change into a button that says "Install." To start the download, tap it again. The App Store app will now ask you to either sign in to your account or make a new one. Choose "Make a new Apple ID."

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Creating or using an Apple ID is part of setting up the iPad for Sine Point Pro. To put Sine Point Pro on your desk iPad, you need an Apple account. If you already have an Apple ID, you don't need to read this article. Please keep reading if you want to make a new Apple ID. When an Apple ID is made, most of the time, a payment method is needed to finish setting up the account.

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