Which MacBook should you Buy in 2022? How to choose the right Apple Laptop for you?

Bethany Walsh

May 26, 2022

Apple's MacBook has been well-known in the last some years due to the making of top laptops. Their laptops are powerful & power-efficient with great performance, functions, and battery life. As there are many models of Mac on the market and a lot of choices, you must be wondering what MacBook is perfect for you and what is the perfect MacBook to buy in 2022? But Apple has given you a lot of options to find the right product for you.

Buying the right Apple MacBook is a quite tricky & tough decision. Fortunately, we've researched, reviewed, and experienced the best MacBook. In this article, we will explain the Best Mac buying guide of 2022 which will help you to pick the best one for you. Keep reading and let us help you find the right Mac according to your needs.

1. MacBook Air

If you're budget conscious and want a lightweight, superb, portable machine, Apple MacBook Air is one of the most powerful laptops that is ideal for you. MacBook Air with M1 chip, 8-core CPU, 8GB/16 GB RAM, and the 13-inch size is the most affordable and versatile laptop. Moreover, this thinner laptop is much popular among consumers due to its appeal and great performance.

The processor of the MacBook Air is strong and the speed & battery life are real standouts. Besides, it has a thermal heat spreader and possesses no fan meaning it is whisper-quiet. Although many other great models of Mac come into the market, MacBook Air is still a fantastic option and worth the money. Also, it can be used by anyone either student, for work, or for personal use.

2. 13-inch MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is available with a 13-inch display size, 256 GB Storage, 8 GB RAM, and an Apple M1 processor. This laptop has a super-fast M1 Chip, neural engine, and unified memory. One of the biggest perks of buying this laptop is that it has a touch bar and touch ID. 13-inch MacBook Pro is one of the mighty laptops that has outstanding performance and amazing battery life.

If you want to use the laptop for studies, it is perfect for the students as it has an excellent, comfy keyboard and is ideal for all-night study sessions. Moreover, if you want to save money and pick a laptop that is speedy, cool, has a brighter better display, extra GPU core, and great speakers, then MacBook Pro (13-inch) is a fantastic buy.

3. 14-inch MacBook Pro

The 14-inch Apple MacBook Pro is the most powerful and top-of-the-line laptop. When this model was launched, everyone who used it was blown away by the performance it offers. This versatile laptop has a lot of configurations and can handle any task you want to do on a laptop. The 14-inch MacBook Pro has two chips, M1 Pro and M1 Max. These dual chips have made the CPU of the laptop high-performance.

Moreover, it possesses Apple M1 Pro GPU, 512 GB/1 TB Storage, 14-inch brighter Liquid Retina XDR Display, keyboard with touch ID, Stellar battery life, and plenty of ports. Rather, this laptop offers a lot more features than just performance. When it comes to budget, this Apple laptop is a bit more expensive than previous ones. If you're willing to spend more on Mac laptop buying with exceptional functions & display size, and sleek & elegant design, then get your hands on this unbeatable MacBook pro.

4. 16-inch MacBook pro

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the absolute pinnacle and beast of MacBooks. This Mac is professionally created for designers that need a large screen. This laptop has high-end processing power that can handle every work. It has an Apple M1 Pro/Apple M1 Max processor, 16-core neural engine, force touch trackpad, 512 GB Storage, mini LED screen, 140W USB-C Power Adapter, and 21 hours long battery life.

Also, it has a greater cooling system than a 14-inch MacBook Pro which keeps the chips under control and running at high performance. Its outstanding screen and amazing processor have made it ideal for graphic designers or digital creatives. However, its size and weight are greater than the above-mentioned MacBook. So, if you want a massively powerful laptop for a high workload or you're a designer, this MacBook Pro is the perfect choice for you. And, you will not be disappointed by investing in it.

So, you've got enough information on buying these brilliant machines. All the MacBooks on the list are classic and full of great features. Their performance is their greatest strength. Now, you can easily make the decision to buy the Apple laptop in 2022 that fits your requirements and budget. Get your wallet ready and buy your favorite MacBook!

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